Teacher Workshops

About the Workshops

Our Teacher Professional Development Workshops are an introduction to the valuable asset of facilitating student-designed, field-based science research in your school.

Watershed Workshops (land-based)

Salish staff will equip teachers and educators with the resources and curriculum ideas to facilitate the development of both short and longer-term inquiry opportunities and field-based science projects. These opportunities allow your students to connect with their local watershed as they go through the process of designing and conducting their own field investigations.

Water Quality/Oceanographic Workshops (boat-based)

Experience the Salish program first-hand. Work with Salish staff to collect data using our oceanographic sampling equipment and learn to operate the 61’ sailboat, Carlyn. We will also discuss Inquiry-Based Learning techniques and field research methods that will help students investigate both marine and terrestrial environments.

We offer Washington State clock hours for all of our teacher training workshops, and will happily register those hours for you.

Salish staff are trained in guiding powerful learning experiences. They will share their professional expertise as educators, scientists, naturalists, resource managers. Together we will explore the range of challenges and possibilities we share in providing effective science research and learning opportunities to students in the Puget Sound region.  Those interested in exploring the experience of a Salish Sea Expedition with your students might find these trainings particularly informative.


Program Details

Please check back for details of the 2018/2019 academic year.

July 3

Salish Sea Expeditions - Inquiry and Inspiration

Salish Sea Expeditions provides middle and high school students the opportunity to conduct scientific research, of their own design, aboard a 61' sailing research vessel. Watch the video.

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